About us

Founded in 1988, Meteor Bis company produces original and unique design slippers targeted at wholesalers and retailers.
The fashionable designs, impeccable craftsmanship, technology and affordable price strike a chord with a passionate, fashionforward and high quality oriented clientele.
Meteor Bis introduced a new “Natural Style” collection which enjoyed immediate success. The collection meets the needs of customers with unique design and high quality natural materials such as flax, hemp and cotton. The main characteristics of those materials are : very good absorbency, antiallergic and hygienic properties, airiness and moisture evaporation.
Meteor Bis has expanded its portfolio to include women and men styles for every season of the year.

Meteor company distinguishes:
  • - years of experience and very highly qualified employees,
  • - fast demand respons -adjusting and improving products in order to meet changing consumers’ needs and expectations,
  • - reasonable prices which result from high performance production ( big lot production ),
  • - company provides delivery,
  • - consumer tested and accepted quality
  • - company provides a trade show display for its contractors,
  • - repeatable products , systematic and continious supply,
  • - we guarantee customer service and we provide advice from trained product specialists to assist our customers in selecting a right product for their markets,
  • - flexible approach to every customer.